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Solar II

How to Design, Build and Set Up Photovoltaic Components and Solar Electric Systems

by Phillip Hurley

Now that you've built your solar panels, how do you set up a PV system and plug in? In Solar II, Phillip Hurley, author of Build Your Own Solar Panel will show you how to:

  • Plan and size your solar electric system
  • Build racks and charge controllers
  • Mount and orient PV panels
  • Wire solar panel arrays
  • Make a ventilated battery box
  • Wire battery arrays for solar panels
  • Install an inverter
  • Maintain solar batteries for optimum life
    and performance
  • Make your own combiner box, bus bars,
    and AC and DC service boxes

View the table of contents or some sample pages of the e-book version. Schematics included.

electrical components for a solar system

Free interactive electricity usage calculator, download here. This PDF calculator is included in the e-book version of Solar II.

Solar II: how to set-up, install and maintain a photovoltaic electrical system
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194 pages, over 150 black & white photos & illus.

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