Build Your Own Fuel Cells

by Phillip Hurley

The technology of the future is here today - and now available to the non-engineer! Build Your Own Fuel Cells contains complete, easy to understand illustrated instructions for building several types of proton exchange membrane (PEM) fuel cells - and, printable templates for 6 PEM fuel cell types, including convection fuel cells and oxygen-hydrogen fuel cells, in both single slice and stacks.

Low tech/high quality

Two different low-tech fuel cell construction methods are covered: one requires a bandsaw and drill press, and the other only a few hand tools. Anyone with minimum skills and tools will be able to produce high quality fuel cells from readily obtainable materials - contact info for materials suppliers is provided.

Electrolyzers and MEAs

Build Your Own Fuel Cells includes a detailed discussion about building a lab electrolyzer to generate hydrogen to run fuel cells - and templates for the electrolyzer. Also covered is setting up a PV solar panel to power the electrolyzer, and experimental low-tech methods for producing membrane electrode assemblies (MEAs - the heart of the fuel cell).

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The material in Build Your Own Fuel Cells is for educational and informational purposes only. The projects discussed are not suitable for children without knowledgeable adult supervision.

Build Your Own Fuel Cells


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