Solar Hydrogen Chronicles

edited by Walt Pyle

The pioneers of home-scale hydrogen share their experience and expertise in this collection of articles originally published in Home Power magazine from 1991 to 1998. You'll find practical, detailed information about all aspects of using hydrogen in home power systems, from producing hydrogen with solar powered electrolyzers, to retro-fitting gas appliances and building hydrogen fuel cells to generate electricity.

Solar Hydrogen Chronicles

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    Topics include:
  • Calculating household hydrogen needs
  • Producing hydrogen with electrolyzers, and how electrolyzers work
  • Using hydrogen safely
  • Purifying and storing hydrogen, including metal hydride storage
  • Converting a cookstove, a barbecue, and a catalytic space heater to hydrogen
  • Constructing fuel cells
  • Producing hydrogen directly from solar thermal energy (an experimental method)
  • Plus, producing "wood gas" to fuel internal combustion engines

This collection is a must-have for your renewable energy library! 272 pages, illustrated with informative photos and diagrams. Click here to view the table of contents, or click here to view sample pages. Sample pages are shown in Activ E-Book format.

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